Why: Created to make you feel like you are in a kitchen away from home

how/what: Back here today with another Restaurant discovery, created by Nutricionist Marissa Lippert, who brings to you healthy food with a  kick flavor to it, as  a food lover and always on the go, I happen to eat out a lot, because I like to exercise at least 4 times a week, so  I often look for light healthy places do dine, It helps if it is homemade cooked meal inspired spots, or vegan.  Nourish, a little enchanted restaurant with not many seat down tables, is a place made
me feel like I was back home at my grandmothers kitchen farm. So cozy, and warm, food are cooked daily and displayed for purchase.


I had the above, chicken and kale salad with a side of apple, with a touch of cinamon sprinkled on it, it was very delicious.


They also sale organic oils and cream.  Seeing (above)


One of my favorite products were the Spicy Honey, I couldn’t resist to have a taste, and it just gave me so many ideas,  as a spicy food lover, I would put it all over any savory dish to give it a more  exotic  kick flavor.



On my way out, this beauty came out straight from the kitchen. But as I was running to my yoga class I didn’t have time to ask what it really was, So you will have to check this place out for you’re self . I hope you enjoy the tip

For more information on this inspiring delicious place, please visit they’re site·more info

Or just pay them a visit at

95 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014
Cross Streets: Between Bank St and W 12th St
Neighborhoods: West Village
(212) 242-6115

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