Haven’t being here for a long time.  Lately I have concentrated on work friends and working out.

But when I was told by my agent I had 15 days off this summer, I decided to book a trip, And ended up going to Paris Lisbon, and than Santorini. A friend of my from Lisbon Sara came along with me, and we stayed at Villa Alexanders in Imerovigli. And I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed our time so there. 

1. Carry a light back pack, bring diferent bikinis and a small tripod I use JOBY but if you go on Amazon there are a bunch of options to choose from. This way you don’t need to keep asking your friend or someone to take pictures of you all the time except for shot angles.

2. Try to schedual your own taxi rides, instead of asking for the hotels, some hotels will charge you extra because they will use they’re own service. But you can also always ask your Hotel if there’s any charges, from JTR airport to Thira it should be about $20 euros.

3. Book your own tours online as well. We booked

We booked on

Half-Day Sailing Trip with Sunset Oia Nepa from Santorini with BBQ and Drinks, Wi-Fi on board, pick up from our Hotel, (this guys were super ontime).

This was a morning tour and we got to see and enjoy Caldera and Red Beach, a swell as a nice ride around the Island with beaultifull views of santorini famous mountains and cliffs.  The ride was smooth with a Catamaran boat. Definitly recomend morning rides for those who likes to wear off that motion sickness or just make more space in your schedual to walk around the Island take some pictures or just spend some time by the pool. 

4. If you are stayin in Imerovigli take time to hike down to Fira on a hiking trail, there  are cute little shops and restaurants on the way  down and and juice bars,  we walked all the way to Fira  where we took the cable car down to the Old Port of Ormos Firon where we hike the 588 steps up. (Make sure to bring water sunscreen and perhaps a small snack if you feel like stoping on your way up.


5. Fashion. In Fira you will find many little shops with a variarity of great hand made  acessories, clothing and leather. Be sure to save some time to check out this stores around this cute village


6. Enjoy the sunset

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