7. Wine tasting.

We had the pleasure to stop by Kittos Cafe wich means Garden Cafe, and got to meet with extraordinary wine connoisseur Maria, she took us down to the cellar of the restaurant and gave us a wine tasting explaining how Santorini wine is made, it’s grapes and how it is cultivated.

Fantastic experience!!! ​


This video doesn’t exist



8. Souvlakis. A popular Greek food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. It’s usually served with a grilled bread, or pita wrap, with garnishes and sauces, or in a dinner plate, often with fried potatoes. I had this almost everyday, and often instead of going to restaurant I wished I had a souvlaki instead. Simply delicious. You can find it all around in Fira and in picturesque Imerovigli.

9.  If taking the boogies make sure to watch out for small narrow roads, and drivers. ”This  is a great way to get around the island however I personally find a bid dangerous due to the fearless driving by everyone else”. But you know that.

10. If you fly Argen Airline, make sure to set up a account with theyr website, they are super on time, and if you check in online you will avoid staying in line and tons of people traffic. Packing light also always helps. This way you can save time and perhaps have a last dive in your hotel pool or enjoy better your last breakfast.

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